Node.js, PHP, NGINX and WebSockets (Socket.IO)

Don’t try using Express.IO. Just wasnt working.

Tech Used:
Centos 6.5 :
Nginx :
Redis :
PHP 5.5 :
Node.js : :
Angular JS :
Angular Socket IO :

Angular Socket IO Info:

Socket.IO works. But you have to understand what its doing. (I’ll explain further down)

Quick Info on Event Emitters:

Node.js Events and EventEmitter

Using Nginx to reverse proxy a secure apache site that is using

Loading a configurations in Node.js

Managing config variables inside a Node.js application

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Performance through Minify, Concat using different methods.

Need something quick?
Try this, it just takes care of it. No control, can cause issues with angular due to its annotation for dependency injection.
Nginx Minification

Need a little bit of controller but want it to take care of the heavy lifting?
This tool basically renders out all the assets into a static folder structure.
Google Pagespeed

Haven’t used it but have heard great things.
Google Minify

This is my friend. We have grown close together. We had some growing pains but what friendship doesn’t.
I will probably write a separate tutorial on how I use this. I found there is very little documentation on how to implement this when your code structure isn’t perfect or you have a custom framework to deal with, but this is the tool to use for that, which again is why it sucks there is no documentation. More to come.
Grunt JS

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