Angular and Charts

In my first weeks of using angular, I came to the point of needing to put a chart on the page.
I recieved the data through an api call and then i was stuck. How do I get it into the correct format? Which library should I use?
I found chart.js, a super simple library that puts data on a page. GREAT, well at first. I was able to get data on the page, and it looked nice, but responsive design doesnt play well with something that needs fixed widths and heights. But it got me at least thinking on how to do things in angular. The library is simple and nice, I would recommend it for any basic chart you would need.

Then comes highcharts. I looked at the website for it, and was like “nope”. But it was the only thing that could do what I needed, so I tried it.
Once I got it up with a sample chart on a better looking site, the actual chart didn’t as bad, turns out its just the high charts website, still not as pretty as the chart.js charts but it will do.
Using the pablojim hightcharts-ng directive, and just a little bit of fiddle, I was able to get a chart up and running on the site.

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