Format USB Drive to exFat on Mac OS

OS X has been slowly hiding things, limiting things and making things for professional harder to do. The Disk utility used to be significantly easier to use as an multi-platform disk preparation tool. I had all gave up on it recently when attempting to setup an ubuntu image (.iso) on a thumb drive to setup a new developer server. How-to.

Well it happened again when trying to transfer large files between Mac and Windows. I recently learned about exFat, the new FAT32 that supports massive files. With video, images and images getting large than the 3.7 GB limit of FAT32, its necessary to start preparing my new devices at purchase to have them capable of the large formats before its to late to change.

The option for the exFat format is there in the disk utility and I did format a drive with that. It worked just fine between to Macs (It did seem slow reading the file system but no test to prove that). I needed to get a large video file off of a windows machine so I plugged in my exFat drive in and it said it wasn’t formatted. After a few different attempts and was about to give up, I tried one more google search and came upon this very helpful tip. Using a simple command, it gives you a new option for the type of boot partition – Master Boot Record. Now you can format as exFat and windows will now love the drive and your mac still won’t care. With this solved, I will be formatting all my USB drives as exFat from now on.

The Disk Utility advanced options of El Capitan are hidden and you needed, first:
Quit Disk Utility.
Open the Terminal utility.
Run the following Command:
defaults write advanced-image-options 1
Relaunch Disk Utility
And now, just format your USB with MBR Partition (Master boot record) and exFAT file System.
The USB now can mount in OSX & Windows.

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I’ve worked many different developers from Senior to Junior and they all have one thing in common, they are looking for a mentor but also want to teach. Some may call it sharing ideas or showing off something cool but they want to describe the details of the code, their thought process on how they got there and why the end result is great but could get better.  I look at this and see teaching moments. 
I feel so many developers want to have a community that is open and sharing but many don’t feel ready or have the time. I’m hoping to challenge you all to start wanting to share. If you feel like you could write a post, feel free to message me and I’ll add it here. If it’s something small, tweet it and hashtag it #osrmentor and I’ll try and add them to a future post.
I’m also challenging myself here to take more time to share ideas, finish thoughts and open up channels to help teach, guide and come along side other developers to make projects go better, careers to advance and make life just a little easier on this journey we call development.

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Git – getting started

Git is a great tool. Its changed the way I develop. Combine it with git flow and you can accomplish 95% of daily development.

Git Cheat Sheet

19 Tips For Everyday Git Use

brew install git-flow

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jQuery global event

Simple and easy. Took me about 5 minutes to figure that jQuery could do this.

$("#A").on("click", function(){
$(document).on("custom", function(e){
$(document).on("custom", function(e){

Best to namespace events, use jQuery’s namespacing or on your own (examples below).

I used it for something more like this:


$(document).on('paymentmethod:successfulSave', function(){
    //refresh payment methods

$(document).on('paymentmethod:cancel', function(){

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Mac OS X Bluetooth Dongle

I have a 2011 27″ iMac which only has bluetooth 3.0.

I purchased a SensorTag from TI a while ago and couldn’t use it since I didn’t have BT 4.0. So I purchased a dongle for it to work but I still couldn’t get it to work.

I was so angry I couldn’t figure this out. I started doing some googling, after a bit I found this post:

Adding a BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) dongle to Mac OS X (Mavericks)

I almost cried knowing that I wasn’t wrong, it was OS X being overly helpful and not letting me say “NO I WANT THE USB I PLUGGED IN, NOT THE STUPID DEFAULT ONE!”. Running the Bluetooth Explorer and picking the dongle, the SensorTag showed up right away, and combining that with a npm module that works with it, I soon will be monitoring stats in my house using node.

I hope this helps.

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Sennheiser CX 300-II

The bass is decent but it muds up the rest of the audio.
The high end is a bit off compared to the mids.

Ear fit is great. I have large ear canals (especially the right side) and the standard size does a pretty good job.

They have a unique design which is nice at times and at other times weird. The left speakers is on about a 1 foot cable from the split and the right is on a 2 foot cable from the split. Its nice when you keep in the left while keeping out the right so you can hear if some one comes to your desk and that keeps the cable out of your way while typing.

They do a pretty good job of blocking outside noise in an office likes sales people and office printers.

I would give them a 3.5/5 for price to quality.

Amazon Sennheiser II Precision Enhanced Earbuds

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