Moving to Twitter Bootstrap

So you’ve decided to make your site responsive.

There are a ton of frameworks out there that can help you with this, I recommend Twitter Bootstrap, because well, its from Twitter and easy to get working. No other convincing to happen here. Good luck with your choice

So you picked Twitter Bootstrap, great! Now you have things that used jquery-ui and now are broken. Thats fine. Something things just werent built to be responsive or work together or get the point that it shouldn’t use JS to style to much. The web works well with its html and css for layout and design and javascript for functionality, lets keep it that way as best as possible.

jQuery-UI AutoComplete isn’t really compatible with Bootstrap. You can make it but there is a better way.

The answer to that is Twitter Typeahead which is really 2 different libraries that work together to make a very robust and well formatted system. How to implement Typeahead

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