Books to Read


Web Technology

4.5/5 High Performance Browser Networking

The information in this free book really makes you rethink how you should be doing web development for the real world. For a few years I worked in the Forex market and this information forced me to see all the blind spot and things I took for granted with basic websites being loaded on desktops.


3.5/5 A Year with Symfony

Has a lot of great insight about how to build an application using the symfony framework but takes a lot of liberties that you know all other technical terms and skills that come along with using the framework, which often isn’t the case. You will find yourself doing a lot of dog earmarking pages and going to google to search a topic that is needed to understand the subject.

N/A The Clean Architecture in PHP

Haven’t read it but its from a developer I have met and heard talks from and all of them had very well formed arguments with clear information.

N/A Free Books (Github)

Just a ton of info


5/5 You Don’t Know JS
4/5 Eloquent Javascript
4/5 Effective Javascript

Really helped me understand javascript better. I’ve read it over twice and keep learning more.

4/5 Javascript – Definitive Guide

This box is massive. I’ve only cherry picked sections but each section has a ton of information of why things are the way they are in JS and how to work with them. Really breaks downs each small part of the language.

N/A Tutorials