Grunt and RequireJS

I’m still working on the build process to speed up the actual build by requirejs in grunt. Currently the speed is about 20-25 seconds and I think that just to slow if a bug is found due to a build issue and debugging has to be done with the build itself.

For the production portion, I’m using a fairly basic require script structure which loads the common files, which then loads the backbone app loader which contains the app and base app. This limits the request down to 2 files and allows the common file to be loaded by itself on the homepage and on any page that isn’t using a backbone app but still requires jquery and other similar libraries. This structure allows for a faster load time, cacheable libraries but individual app files.

For the development portion, I’m using a different require script structure (determined by the application) which loads the backbone app, which loads the backbone base app, which loads the common file.

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